Be You Campaign

As of now, you may have seen my project efforts for the Be-You Campaign. In short, it was a way to create exposure to the be squared brand by using high concept and high contact ideas. Think of it as a thoroughly involved, online street team project. Ill explained the details of it as you read on.

First i want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone that was apart of this. You guys understood the vision that i was trying to achieve, and jumped on board. Thank you for taking the time out to swing by and support the brand and message. I had a lot of fun with each one of you guys – especially those who came in groups. sometimes it was a little too much fun haha.

One of the best ways for you to really get what be squared is all about, is to understand the story behind the project. Alot of people have asked me how did i think of this concept. All i know is that i didn’t suddenly have a stroke of genius – it was a combination of things that left an impact with me, and one day i was able to understand the relationships between them and connect the dots.